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Alameda to Install Largest US Solar System

Largest US Solar System Installation Proposed in Alameda, CA

Largest US solar installation Alameda California
Alameda, California city officials just submitted a proposal to build the country’s largest solar energy farm. Estimated to come on-grid in 2014 this project would not only provide a quarter million homes and businesses with solar energy, but it would also create hundreds of construction jobs and long-term solar jobs.

Solar Installation Specs

Currently, the solar system‘s engineering (type of solar panels, racking, and solar inverter) has not been complete. This is due to the fact that Alameda officials have not actually sited a location for the system. People working closely on the project have suggested that less desirable pieces of land have been investigated for the project’s use. One area referenced is a stretch of land near I-580 in Alameda County.

Hurdles for the Solar Project

No solar project this large has ever been undertaken in California, and it’s unclear where the power would go. Though PG&E is a likely buyer, the demand for solar power is not currently great enough to justify all of the proposed projects in the area.

But that could change over the next few years, as power companies shift focus to comply with Gov. Jerry Brown’s new clean-energy legislation. By the year 2020, one third of power must be derived from clean sources, rather than from environmentally deadly fuels like coal.

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Greenzu will be covering the Alameda solar project as it develops. The solar project has only been proposed. Therefore, there are quite a lot of regulatory hurdles, interconnection issues to be sorted out and site engineering needed before the project comes online.