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Rooftop Solar for Alameda Warehouse

Solar Energy Powers US Foodservice’s Alameda Distribution Center

US Foodservice, one of American’s leading food service distributors, installed a 1.18 megawatt solar energy system. The two part rooftop and carport solar installation is one of the largest in Northern California. This facility of US Foodservice is now a certified Bay Area Green Business.

Solar power for Alameda Food distributor

Solar PV System Engineering & Environmental Footprint

4,354 photovoltaic solar panels make up the installation that supplies over 1.3 million kilowatt hours of clean energy each year. It is predicted that the solar electricity generated is enough to power 194 California homes for a year.

“Our new solar panel system will benefit both the environment and our bottom line,” said Phil Collins, division president, U.S. Foodservice-San Francisco. “Sustainability is a driving force at U.S. Foodservice and we are continually evaluating and implementing ways to reduce our environmental impact while more efficiently serving customers.”

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Energy Financing

US Foodservice is using a solar leasing product from Delta Electronics in order to finance the system. It is a shining example of yet another large corporation incorporating renewable energy into business operations. The company’s Alameda warehouse is not the only facility that has gone solar. It’s Los Angeles warehouse also has a 1 megawatt installation.