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Concord Food Bank Installs Solar on Warehouse

Concord’s Food Bank Warehouse and Office Building Powered by Solar

Concord adds solar on food bank buildings
Contra Costa and Solano county Food Bank will be serving the hungry with their solar energy powered warehouse and office building.

Multi-Phase Commercial Solar Installation Process

Our Solar Energy system was developed in 2 Phases. Phase 1: The solar system is anticipated to generate about 100,000 kilo-watt-hours per year, offsetting about $25,000 in electricity costs annually. The system was designed so that additional capacity can be added as additional funding becomes available.”
“The second phase of the rooftop solar panel project for the Food Bank has been completed and continues with exceptionally bright results. Phase 2 added 216 panels to the existing 360 panels. Through the generosity of local foundations and governmental agencies, the Food Bank now has a state of the art installation that is both saving us money and helping us to protect the environment.”

Favorable Results with a Warehouse Solar Panel Installation

“The solar panels across the entire roof of our warehouse is now producing enough electricity to cover the great majority of our warehouse energy needs, and the money saved by the project is being efficiently utilized by our food and nutrition programs. The system is even outperforming our original estimates. We are very thankful for the investment that all of the supporters of the project have made and hope that you are as happy and as proud of the results as we are. It has proved to be a win/win situation for the Food Bank, our clients and the environment.

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The cities of Concord, Walnut Creek, Pittsburg and Contra Costa County has delivered Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). Additional funding was provided by the Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation and Conco Companies.