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Solar Installation at Concord Community Pool

Concord Installs Solar System at Community Pool

Concord Community Pool Installation
Concord Community Pool will be completing installation of two new rooftop solar energy systems. This environmentally friendly solar initiative is part of the city of Concord’s multi-year plan to improve energy efficiency and reduce expenditures.

Energy Audit Revealed Solar Benefits

“Last year, the City Council approved plans for an energy audit. The audit revealed six significant opportunities that would allow the City to make changes that would reduce energy costs while simultaneously reducing the City’s carbon footprint. Solar panels will be incorporated into two new shade structures, one in the tennis court parking lot and the second in the area near the swimming pool. Energy from the solar panels will be used to power the pool circulation pump. The project will result in $43,000 in annual energy savings.”

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This major solar energy savings project will be funded through grants, PG&E rebates, building replacement funds and savings in energy costs.