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Fairfield, CA Auto Mall Saves on Electricity by Adding Solar

Fairfield California’s Auto Dealership Announces Plans to Install Roof-top Solar Panels at Auto Mall

Fairfield california solar powered auto dealership
Price Simms Dealergroup in Fairfield, CA is building a Mercedes-Benz solar powered dealership. Solar panels will cover the entire roof of the facility.

Fairfield Offers Business Benefits

Ron Barber, co-owner of Momentum Auto Group, which owns several dealerships in the Auto Mall, sees a bright future. Barber attributes the Auto Mall’s success to the improving economy and its location. “We’re right on Interstate 80 where we are highly visible and are able to attract customers from Solano County and other parts of the San Francisco Bay Area.”

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The 40,000-square foot dealership will also see LEED certification by adding energy-efficient lighting and a low water use system.