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Travis AFB in Fairfield, CA Seeks Large Solar Project

Travis Air Force Base Near Fairfield Seeking Solar Developer for Potential 202 acres Solar Energy Project

Solar installation for Travis AFB
Just outside of Fairfield, CA, Travis Air Force Base is planning to create, facilitate and implement solar power construction on land at Travis AFB.

Solar Power Project May Generate 30MW of Solar Energy

“Project planners estimate the sites could generate up to 30 megawatts of solar power. The available land offers key features that make a solar project successful: plenty of sun on a parcel adjacent to existing power transmission lines.”

“Three parcels of land are available for potential projects:
• A 68-acre covered landfill
• A 70-acre waste-water treatment site
• A 64-acre Rapid Runway Repair site”

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The Air Force will apply their Enhanced Use Lease Program to fund the renewable energy solar project.