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Solar Energy Powers Fremont Recycler

Fremont’s AER Worldwide Installs Rooftop Solar

Fremont solar installation
AER Worldwide, a global electronics recycler and independent distributor of electronic components, installed a 234 kw solar system on their Fremont headquarters. The case to go solar made both ethical and business sense for the e-waste company.

Rooftop Solar Installation

The commercial solar installation includes 1,027 SunPower 228W modules and a 225kW SatCon solar inverter. The solar electricity produced is estimated to offset over 99% of the company’s current electricity bill. This will save AER more than $80,000 annually. The company invested in its solar PV system to hedge against utility price inflation. The company estimates that over the next 25 years, it will save more than $3.9 million.

The system will generate approximately 361,819 kWh per year. This is equivalent to the usage of approximately 50 homes, planting 6,511 mature trees, removing 259 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere or burning 29,349 fewer gallons of gasoline. The system is set to provide AER with electricity to process and recycle e-Waste for at least 25 years.

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