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St Paul’s In Walnut Creek Install PV Solar System

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Walnut Creek and Other Bay Area Nonprofits Find Path to Solar

Solar installation at St. Paul's in Walnut Creek

Solar PV panels have been installed at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Walnut Creek. The Church formed an LLC to borrow most of the solar funding needed from members of its congregation.

“Congregations of various faiths are getting involved in environmental education, and as part of that are looking to make changes under — and on — their own roofs. Jessica Brown, outreach director for Northern California Interfaith Power and Light, an interfaith ministry focused on the environment, said as many as 19 congregations in Northern California have installed solar, usually via capital campaigns or through donors within the congregations.
“It’s a great educational tool that a congregation can capitalize on,” she said.”

Rev. Sylvia Vasquez said the discussion of solar at St. Paul’s raised awareness there, and the church is using solar as a jumping-off point for other green efforts.

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Despite being on tight budgets, Bay Area nonprofits in and around Walnut Creek are finding ways to add solar and connect to the greater community.