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Walnut Creek Puts PV Solar System on City Hall

Walnut Creek City Hall Installs Solar System, With a Solar Parking Garage and Solar Golf Course Expected

Solar installation Walnut Creek
In Walnut Creek, California, the city added solar panels to its government city hall building. The city council has approved additional solar systems to be installed in the city.

“The photovoltaic array installed at city hall will cut the building’s electricity use by about 7 percent, resulting in cost savings of over $625,000 over its 25-year lifespan. According to the report, if solar panel systems were installed at all six approved sites, it would cut greenhouse gas emissions by the city government by 18 percent each year.”

“The City Council voted this week to accept a solar feasibility study that looked into whether nine sites around the city were fit for photovoltaic systems; the study concluded that of the nine proposed sites, six were acceptable locations for solar panel systems. The approved sites include a parking garage and a golf course.”

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The solar power study’s approved sites will bring new sources of renewable energy and solar power production to the city of Walnut Creek, encourage more carbon-reducing projects in residents, businesses, and the government.