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Solar Powered College in San Jose

Solar System Installation at San Jose’s Evergreen Valley College

San Jose, CA Solar Installation
Evergreen Valley College broke ground on a 1.5MW ground-mounted solar power system on their San Jose campus. The solar system was engineered to include SunPower solar panels and a T0 tracking system. The trackers and panel will help the College generate 50% more power than fixed axis systems. The solar electricity supplied will offset one-third of the College’s annual electricity consumption.

The College’s Motivations for Going Solar

“At Evergreen Valley College, while we continue to provide a quality, comprehensive education to a new generation, we are also mindful of our global responsibilities and opportunities. These responsibilities and opportunities include conservation, sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and adopting green technology. As an educational institution, we have the unique opportunity to incorporate these responsibilities into our Facilities Master Plan, as we plan for the future,” stated Henry Yong, Evergreen Valley College president. “

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The Evergreen Valley College project will be completed by SunPower Corporation and Gilbane Construction by the end of the month.