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Solar Energy Political Cartoon

Energy Politics – Big Oil vs. Solar

Energy politics dominate The Hill and will be a big part of the two presidential candidates’ campaigns. This cartoon brings humor to the fact that traditional energy companies own natural resources and Washington. Are they fearful of the rise of renewable energies such as solar and wind? As the price of solar panels, solar inverters, wiring and other soft costs fall oil companies try and maintain their edge on renewables.

Energy politics cartoon | Solar energy

Solar is Reaching Grid Parity & Growing More Affordable

Solar energy is feasible. While federal and local solar incentives are being debated in Washington, DC prices of panels are dropping, making solar energy affordable. On top of that, companies like Greenzu, are giving commercial property owners solar energy financing options. One includes a no money down option where you just buy discounted electricity option. These things create the perfect blend that makes solar affordable today. And while oil prices continue to rise, the sun’s energy will always remain free.

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