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Solar Powered EPA Cleanup in Davis

Davis Solar Energy System Powers Superfund Site

Solar installation Davis EPA cleanup site
Frontier Fertilizer Superfund ground clean up site in Davis, California is being treated in an environmentally friendly way – with the power of solar pv. The EPA first installed solar at the site in 2007, but the panels could not fully power the site. In 2010 and 2011, additional panels were installed to offset 100% of the groundwater treatment system’s electrical needs.

The new solar panels cover half an acre and have resulted in a ‘green’ method that generates plenty of solar energy and will off-set non-renewable energy use. The expanded solar panel system was installed by a small, local business. To further green the site, the project team is also evaluating options for the reuse of treated groundwater for irrigation of City and Caltrans properties.

Financial Implications of Installing Solar

More than $2.5 million dollars in stimulus funding has gone to recent improvements at the site. By installing the solar panels and starting the new system, the site will lower overall energy costs by $15,000 a year and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 54 metric tons a year. It will also speed the cleanup by an estimated 120 years.

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Solar electricity powers EPA cleanup site Davis California