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Solar Financing Driven by
Passion + Fairness


Greenzu’s primary mission is to spread the mass adoption of solar. Our motivations behind this goal run the gamut of our team’s background. Prior to joining Greenzu, our team members were: solar installers, sustainability experts, environmental engineers, lawyers, investment bankers, and energy auditors. Our unifying belief is that convincing small to medium sized businesses to go solar is critical to the solar movement – we are the only Team tackling this issue.

Greenzu’s Partner Consortium

Greenzu works with a broad base of solar installers, system designers, equipment manufacturers, other solar PPA project developers, and sales affiliates. We’re always looking for new partners, so feel free to reach out to us. We have no exclusive deals and we are happy to help anyone – whether you are an established player or a bright upstart.

Greenzu’s Investors Make the Difference

Big solar companies refuse to offer zero money down solar PPAs to small & medium size buildings. It is not profitable enough for their investors. They only work with fortune 500 companies & institutions. Greenzu’s investors care about social responsibility just as much as profit. This is good news for you because it means we can offer:

  • Small commercial solar systems
  • No money down and low rates
  • Host friendly contract terms

Greenzu is a HelioPower INC company.

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