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Solar Micro-utility investing offers
stable returns and helps the planet

What is a Micro-Utility?

A solar energy system owned by an investor

that pays the investor for the solar electricity

it generates and is sold to a customer.


  • Fund solar
  • Own the system
  • Take tax benefits
  • Collect Income


  • Line up customers
  • Manage solar install
  • Set up billing
  • Monitor System

Host Building

  • Leases roof to solar
  • Buys your solar energy
  • Saves $60,000 over 20 yrs

The 21st Century Income Property

A Solar Micro-utility investment functions like a fixed income investment but offers higher returns typically found in riskier equity investments.  It is distinct from other typical clean tech investments in several ways.  For instance:

> PPAs are in an income generating asset, not in an operating company.

  • Traditional stocks hope for a blockbuster exit to provide a return.  Micro-utilities generate their own cash flow.

> PPA investments offer near term liquidity

> PPA investors have exit options through sale of project assets, recapitalization, or securitization of the micro-utility income streams

How Do Owners Make Money?

Investment returns and timelines

What Does Ownership Cost?

Initial buy-in and operating costs

What Are The Risks?

Risks and safeguards explained

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