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PPAs Are the Proven Option for
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Companies Saving Money with Solar Buildings

Solar PPAs have been used for years to finance utility scale power generation plants. The PPA was pioneered by SunEdison just over 10 years ago, and in that decade:

Over 90% of commercial solar installations are under PPA

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Over 1,500 PPA installs in California

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Today, large banks are investing in PPAs, including big players such as Goldman Sachs, US Bancorp, and Wells Fargo.

Weingarten Realty Investors’ Solar Building

“This program with SunEdison will provide Weingarten and its tenants with predictable energy costs,” said Bill Goeke, Senior Vice President, Property Management of Weingarten Realty Investors. ”Weingarten Realty Investors understands how to think creatively about deal structure and tenant amenities,” said Brian Jacolick, General Manager, Americas for SunEdison. “This agreement delivers on that thinking in a way that will reduce electricity costs and enhance property values. We look forward to a long, productive partnership.” Rooftop Solar Press Release

Developer’s Diversified Realty goes solar with SunEdison

“There are significant environmental benefits realized by producing renewable energy without generating noise, pollution, or greenhouse gases,” said Marc Feldman, senior vice president of new business development for Developers Diversified. “Our tenants also benefit because we are able to reduce energy expenditures for the common areas of the shopping center and provide them with the opportunity to purchase the power generated. Plus we increase our operating income by leasing our roof space for solar power hosting.” DDR and SunEdison Press Release

Solar building in Connecticut

Thule Car-Rack, Seymour, CT, Gets Solar Through PPA

The 318 kW rooftop solar PV system consisting of 1,800 solar panels will offset 26% of the energy used at the manufacturing and office facility. The company will also receive a good discount on all energy produced by the solar system. Press Release

Brook Warehousing, Bridgewater, NJ Looks to PPA for Solar

Brook Warehousing Systems installed a 600 kW solar PV system on their roof using a PPA model. The solar system will offset over 75% of the facility’s annual energy load while providing 720,000 kWh of energy annually. Detailed Article

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Town of Hopkinton, Massachusetts Opts for PPA

The Town of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, recently installed five individual flat roof mounted solar arrays on several municipal buildings, though the town had planned to purchase and install solar themselves, due to financial constraints opted for a PPA. Their solar building will provide them a total of 24,375 kWh of renewable energy every month, save them 15% on their energy costs, and provide a carbon offset of 400,725 every year. Hopkinton’s Solar Building

Building's solar system

HP Global in San Diego, CA Gets Solar with a PPA

A 1.2 megawatt solar installation was recently installed in San Diego for HP Global as part of the company’s corporate sustainability efforts. The flat, rooftop, solar photovoltaic system will provide 1.9 million kWh of electricity annually, amounting to 10% of the facility’s energy, saving the company $750,000 over 15 years. Detailed Case Study

Solar on HP's building