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commercial solar financing options for businesses

Commercial Solar Financing Options

Greenzu offers a range of several commercial solar financing options to meet the specific needs of businesses and public sector clients. We make going solar easy and affordable by minimizing or eliminating upfront costs. Whether you are looking to finance your solar energy system partially or completely, we can guide you through the options available for you.


Commercial Solar Lease

Our Commercial Solar Lease provides a much needed alternative for financing smaller commercial projects sized 10kW to 1MW. We structure many Power Purchase agreements, but smaller projects can't support a PPA's transaction and ownership costs. PACE and other financing structures can be expensive and strand the tax benefits. The Commercial Solar Lease puts a tax equity investor behind a simple operating lease structure to minimize costs and deliver 100% project financing for about 85% of the project's purchase price. The solar installer gets a fair margin and we can provide a development fee to our project origination partners.

Commercial Solar Lease Benefits:

  • A reduction in the EPC price and negative effective interest rates
  • Significantly improved cash flows
  • Protection from utility price inflation and volatility
  • Capitalization rate lift with lower operating expenses and increased property valuation
  • Retention of SRECs and the environmental attributes of solar

Lease terms range from 5 to 7 years, and end-of-term residual values may also be financed and depreciated.  Eligible solar energy off-takers must be for-profit entities with solid financials.

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commercial solar lease as a commercial solar financing options

Greenzu Solar PPA

With a solar PPA your business can cut its electricity bill immediately and save for the long term. Greenzu installs solar on your roof. You agree to buy the electricity that is generated from the solar system at a discounted rate for the next 20 years. That means your energy savings are not only immediate but also hassle free.

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Solar Crowdfunding

Your community can raise money to add solar to your building, and Greenzu will help you structure those community funds into a solar PPA. Crowdfunded solar is a new way to finance your solar system. Our turnkey process means we hande the transaction for the community.  We...

  1. Set up the solar investment on behalf of the community.
  2. Organize the design and installation of an optimized
    solar array on the roof of the building.
  3. Bill the building host a discounted rate for solar electricity.
  4. Redistribute the electricity revenue to the community members ratably.

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