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Greenzu Picks The Best
Installation Option To Protect You

Greenzu works with you to design a high-performance solar system that fits your building’s infrastructure and design. Our focus is on low-impact solar installation systems that protect your roof. A few of your installation options are below.

Most of our engineering services are performed by our parent company, HelioPower and their commercial division run out of their San Diego office.

Solar Racking Options

The structures used to mount the solar panels on your roof come in a variety of styles depending on your building’s requirements.


Tilt-up racking, such as those by SunLink.


Racking with flashing posts, like those by SolarWedge

Non-penetrating ballasted

Systems, such as those by UniRac

Roof Attachment Options

We also consider how the panels will be attached to your roof, and can choose from systems like the RapidFoot by UniRac or the Powerpost by SunLink.

RapidFoot by UniRac is a good attachment option.

Powerpost by SunLink is another recommended attachment option.