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Crowdfunding Is New Opportunity For Non-Profits

Solar For Non-Profits Just Got Easier

Renewable energy is a leading technology to help our planet conserve resources, while also saving people money in the process. With the growth of the renewable market, companies are now offering “an easier way” to finance clean energy, such as solar and wind. However, many non-profit organizations today are getting left behind on these lucrative financing deals because of stringent funding requirements and red tape.

Solar companies generally target residential areas and large-scale commercial buildings. Because non-profits do not fall into these categories, getting solar financing becomes an ongoing challenge. This problem escalates because banks and leasing companies view non-profit clean energy investments as a credit risk, making it even trickier to get solar.

There is a Solution

Up until now, financing solar projects required funding by “accredited investors”, or a small group of high-net-worth individuals with enough to invest. Fortunately, now there is an answer. Thanks to a new way of funding and solar companies like Greenzu, non-profits can breathe a bit easier.

Crowdfunding is revolutionizing the way that solar is funded. Rather than depend on a single owner such as a bank or a group of private investors, crowdfunding allows ordinary people to join forces to finance a single solar project. It operates much like the way stock functions, where people purchase shares of the non-profit solar project. This allows them to own a piece of solar on the roof and earn a high-yield cash return.

For non-profits, this provides enormous opportunities to benefit from a solar energy system. With the help of crowdfunding, they will be able to go solar without sacrificing money for upfront costs. It will also give the community a chance to lend a hand to non-profits, so these organizations can focus more financial attention on their missions.