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Crowdfunded Solar

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Crowdfunding your solar
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Crowdfunded solar is the new way to finance your solar system, where people in your community become investors in the system on your roof.

Crowdfunding solar projects

Community Solar

Currently most non-profits cannot go solar because systems are outside their budget. Banks and Wall Street refuse to work with them, so they had no options – until now.

Greenzu is helping non-profits and other small commercial building owners leverage crowdfunding to pay for a solar system. Even better, the crowd of investors is the building’s own community.

Keep the Benefits of Solar in the Family

Instead of the utility or a solar finance company getting a check each month for electricity provided, your community pays its members for solar electricity. Everyone wins!

Buildings benefit from:

  • $0 down for a solar energy system
  • Immediate 15-25% discount on its electricity cost
  • Free solar maintenance

Communities benefit by:

  • Owning part of the buildings solar system – they get paid a regular solar energy return, much higher than those of a bank CD
  • Diversifying their portfolio
  • Helping the organization they love reduce its carbon footprint and save money

The Process

Greenzu’s turnkey crowdfunding process means we handle all this for the community building:

    1. Set up the solar investment on behalf of the community,
    2. Organizes the design and installation of an optimized solar array on the roof of the building,
    3. Bills them a discounted rate for solar electricity and
    4. Redistributes that revenue to its community members proportionally.