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Greenzu’s team is experienced in developing both the legal and financial aspects of a solar project installation and operation.

Our work involves deal structuring, tax compliance issues, power purchase negotiations, financing, taxes and construction contracting.  We have deep familiarity with all the stakeholders in the solar business, with the business models, with the regulatory compliance issues, as well as with potential government incentives. We negotiate the legal intricacies while maintaining a sharp focus on overall strategy.

Our services include:

Project Finance

Negotiate and document placement of equity and debt; tax structuring.

Project siting

Prosecute permit applications, including environmental compliance; negotiate and document agreements for site rights.

Enterprise and venture structuring

Advise clients about their options; negotiate business partner relationships; prepare and maintain all appropriate documentation.

Energy supply

Develop power purchase agreements and alternatives such as facility leases; negotiate interconnection and transmission arrangements; negotiate and perform due diligence on power purchase agreements for utility scale solar plants.

Construction and equipment procurement

Negotiate and prepare contracts clearly allocating risks in harmony with other project and venture commitments.

Taxes and incentives

Arrange project structuring to maximize utilization of state and federal programs, including environmental attributes, federal investment tax credits, utility incentives, and accelerated depreciation allowance.

Management and maintenance

Provide for long term project and facility integrity in compliance with all project documents.

Carbon management

Understand how your project might fit in with US and international carbon credit regimes; find ways to make the most of your carbon assets.

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Solar Energy Finance

Our Free Solar Assessment includes:

  • Optimal solar system design for your roof
  • Approximate turnkey cost of the solar project
  • Annual energy savings based on your energy usage
  • Additional energy efficiency options

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