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Solar Financial Savings


Solar Literally Puts Money In
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Generating your own solar energy is a smart business move. Not only will you see monthly savings on your utility bills, you’ll also be able to take advantage of solar incentives, and increase your property value.

Cut Your Utility Bill by Hundreds of Dollars

Every month, you’re responsible to pay your utility company for electricity your building uses, but imagine if that bill could be dramatically lowered by producing your own, solar energy. By generating your own power instead of relying on the local grid, your total electricity bill will drop dramatically, with consistent savings every year.

Incentives Make Solar Even More Affordable

Going solar has never been more affordable with state/federal incentives offered through tax credits, rebates, grants, and accelerated cost recovery options. Incentives vary from state to state but most have attractive financial benefits for those who install solar on their buildings. The federal government gives a flat 30% tax credit to help everyone save, regardless of location. You can find out what’s available in your area through the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy, or DSIRE.

A $1 Decrease in Electric Bill Adds $20 to Resale Value

Studies have shown that buildings with solar garner higher property values resulting in annual increases in rental rates, tenancy rates, and tenant loyalty.

Example Savings

30 kW System in Northern California

5 Year Increments Avoided Utility Cost Electricity Payment to GZ Solar Savings
2011 – 2015 $43,937 $33,445 $10,492
2016 – 2020 $54,660 $36,884 $17,776
2021 – 2025 $67,953 $40,650 $27,303
2026 – 2031 $103,609 $54,249 $49,360
Total $270,159 $165,227 $104,932
Type: 30 kW, non-penetrating roof mount
Rate Plan: A-1 Time of Use, PG&E
Utility Inflation: 5%
Greenzu Escalation: 2.5%