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Solar Environmental Benefits


How Conventional Energy
Harms the Planet


There is nothing environmentally harmful about using electricity.

The problem is how that electricity is generated.

Most utility companies in the United States use coal or natural gas as inputs to create energy for their power plants – both are dirty, fossil fuels that are non-renewable. Coal is perhaps the dirtiest form of fossil fuel energy because it emits tons of pollution each year, including particulate matter and mercury, both of which contribute to a wide array of human health problems.

An even greater concern is the emission of greenhouse gases – the primary cause of climate change.

To measure the impact of these greenhouse gas emissions, we calculate a carbon footprint, which is the overall greenhouse gases emitted by a particular building or process, expressed in carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents. The following chart illustrates the carbon footprint of utilities in each region of America.

Solar Is THE Green Alternative

Unlike traditional power generation sources, solar technologies produce electricity using a renewable source – the sun – so there’s no limit to how much energy can be gained by tapping into the sun.

Solar systems also generate electricity without creating noise or emitting pollutants such as greenhouse gases, smog, acid rain, or water pollution. Even when the emissions related to solar cell manufacturing are counted, solar panels produce less than 15% of the CO2 emitted from a conventional coal-fired power plant.

“Go Green” At No Cost

A Greenzu Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows clients to make an immediate environmental impact, at no cost. We make helping the planet “pencil out”. Typical clients keep 746 tons of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of preserving 147 acres of forest and taking 232 tons of waste out of our landfills.

Discover how a commercial solar system through a Greenzu PPA could be your ticket to no-hassle renewable energy today!

Your Eco-Impact with Solar

A solar system installed on your building’s roof could have enormous benefits for the environment with long-term, positive gains for your business as well. For example, a 12 kW solar system that generates over 17,000 kWh of clean energy annually is equivalent to:

  • Trees planted: 4,506
  • Cars take off the road: 33.6
  • Homes powered: 21.3
  • Gallons of gas saved: 19,769
  • Tons of CO2 emissions cut: 194

If you’re a good candidate for a Greenzu solar system, the clean energy you generate will do a world of good for your building. You can take the environmental benefits of solar and turn them into a green marketing campaign to:

  • Boost tenant loyalty
  • Increase rental rates
  • Decrease tenant vacancy rates

With a solar system on your roof, you’ll be benefiting the environment while creating a stronger, more profitable future for your building.