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Solar Financing for Installers

For Solar Installers, Integrators, PPA Developers and other Solar Professionals


Greenzu is happy to offer solar installers and other solar project developers the financing needed to close more deals.  Our financing comes in the form of:

How we work

You tell us what price ($/Watt) you want to charge. We take that price, run the numbers,and tell you what discount we can offer your customer. Of course, the lower your cost per watt to us, the better the terms we can offer your customer. By striking a fair balance, both of us are more likely to make a sale.

We work with solar professionals the way
GMAC works with car dealership.

What we charge

Below are the ballpark pricing terms we strive for. Of course, actual pricing depends on the size of the project, the credit worthiness of the customer and the cost of the install.

Assuming the solar energy project costs $3.50 - $4.40 p/Watt in California:

  • Power Purchase Agreement Price: 10%-20% off current rate plan, with 2.5%-3.5% escalator and a 20 year term.
  • Tax Credit & Rebate Financing: 10% of credit or rebate.
  • Solar Lease Rates: 10-15 year lease with payments structured not to exceed energy savings.

New Solar Sales Collaboration Tool

Check out Greenzu’s secure online sales tool that allows solar installers and customers to collaborate. is a free platform that helps you efficiently manage the entire sales process in one location.

  • Share solar proposals and collaborate on customer documents.
  • Communicate with customers and manage the sales process in real time.
  • Monitor customer activity with our analytics and auto email notifications.
  • Successfully close more deals by shortening the sales cycle.

Learn more about features and benefits to save time and grow your business.
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Who We Work With

We will work with installers, integrators, other PPAs and project developers that can provide a quality installation. A proven track record is helpful, however, we are open to new solar professionals that can demonstrate their understanding of solar installation best practices.

Installers – We're Looking For Partners!

Greenzu works with installers in two capacities. If you land a deal, we can finance it to help you close it. At the same time, we're using our own sales channels to generate new projects. When we generate our own projects we look for installers or integrators to do the work. If you would like to partner with us on these projects, please send us an email telling us about your services. We have also established a partnership HelioPower to provide proprietary solar services and white-labeled solar services on behalf of installers and EPCs.

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