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The Ideal Investor


Is A Greenzu Micro-Utility
Right For Me?

Private Investor Opportunity[/titlezone]

With all of the benefits of a Greenzu PPA, there’s little doubt of its appeal for investors, but are you well-suited to invest in a Greenzu PPA?

The ideal private investor

  • Over $60,000 in taxable income from passive activities
  • A medium to long-term investment horizon
  • Low to moderate risk appetite
  • A desire for consistent, stable investment returns
  • A commitment to investing in sustainable business ventures

Is a Greenzu PPA a Good Fit for My Investment Profile?

An investment in a micro-utility project through Greenzu is one of the most efficient vehicles for achieving an IRR of 11% to 25% over 20 years free of the risks of the volatile stock market. Investors find this opportunity highly attractive because of its numerous benefits.

Why Investors Choose Solar Micro-Utility Projects

  • Guaranteed Cash Flow
  • Low Risk, Predictable Returns
  • A Diversified Portfolio
  • Tangible Assets
  • Locked-In Long-Term Solar Customers
  • Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credits
  • State Rebates
  • Depreciation Tax Credits