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Micro-Utility PPAs Are A Historically
Proven Solar Investment

A longer history than you know

The solar micro-utility Power Purchase Agreement (PPAs) is a proven investment strategy with a much longer history than you might expect.

A concept similar to the modern PPA took hold in the US in 1978 as the way to finance independent utility-scale renewable energy power plants. PPAs as we know them today had their start in 2002 when SunEdision pioneered the idea of using the approach to finance commercial-scale solar installations. Since then, solar PPAs have been rapidly growing in popularity.

Rest AssuredYou can rest assured that PPAs are a tested investment method, especially given that large banks have been actively financing commercial solar PPAs, including big players like Goldman Sachs, US Bancorp, and Wells Fargo.

The Players In a Solar Micro-Utility

A successful micro-utility brings together a variety of stakeholders. It is Greenzu's job to bring them together. It is your investment that makes it happen.

The Central Players

In setting up the solar micro-utility, the central players are:


You will own a special business entity that Greenzu creates for you. That special company in turn owns the solar micro-utility. Your investment goes into that special company and is used to pay for the solar installation. Later, energy payments are made to your special company, and all operating costs are paid out of this company. As the owner you keep all the net profits, and get to take all the tax benefits offered to solar system owners.

Host Customer:

The host customer makes their building available for the solar installation, though they do not pay for any equipment or ongoing maintenance. In return, the host agrees to pay you for 20 years of clean energy.

Project Developer:

Greenzu puts the micro-utility project together for you. We locate a qualified host customer, we line up the installers and solar equipment vendors at great prices, we handle all the permitting and paperwork, we create the business and tax structures required to run your micro-utility, we oversee construction, and after the system is running smoothly, we hand it over to you.

Greenzu oversees the other vital players for your solar system, specifically:


The installer, as the name implies, handles the installation of your solar energy system. They also provide a 10-year warranty for workmanship. Greenzu only works with installers with a strong history of customer service, quality workmanship, and solid warranties.

Equipment Manufacturers

Micro-utilities get paid for performance. The solar equipment warranties offer key financial protection for owners. That's why we buy from vendors with proven quality and financial stability.


The utility agrees to continue to provide electricity for the building while simultaneously providing interconnectivity of the solar PV system to the local grid. They also agree to provide net metering to the host for any electricity fed back into the grid.

Greenzu is now a part of Helio Micro Utility (Helio mU)

A successful micro-utility brings together a variety of stakeholders. Please click here for more information on how we can help you.