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Web-based Company Adding Solar Powered Energy

UK MoneySupermarket Takes On Solar Energy

Getting solar for company
Paid and installed by iGen Energy, MoneySupermarket (a British price comparison website-based company that offers financial services) received 208 solar panels to power the company. This solar system will generate 41, 183 kWh per year, and reduce MoneySupermarket’s carbon emissions by more than 21,000 kg per year.

Making solar electricity more affordable

The solar PPA option (which was used in the MoneySupermarket project) is one popular way to fund a solar project.

The £90,000 system was paid for and installed by iGen Energy, which will now take any payments from the feed-in tariff, but allow MoneySupermarket to benefit from cheaper renewable electricity through the solar power purchase agreement (PPA).

Alan Cairns, human resources director at MoneySupermarket, said he hoped the scheme would improve the company’s green reputation and boost employee awareness about the environment.

“We wanted to show our environmental credentials in a way that not only underlines our commitment to reducing the amount of CO2 we produce as a business, but we also wanted to have a visual reminder in place so our staff and visitors see our green activity in action,” he said.

One of many PV projects in the UK

The project is only one of numerous solar projects currently underway. A similar project in Devon is predicted to be one of the largest solar projects in the UK. Comprised of 14,700 solar panels, the Devon solar project will span across three fields totaling 8.32 hectares, and is said to be complete by the end of July of this year. Like these other solar projects, MoneySupermarket is making an influential statement to other companies by visually putting environmental stewardship into action.

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