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Who is Greenzu?

Greenzu is an independent energy retailer. We supply natural gas and solar electricity to commercial customers.

What Geographic Areas does Greenzu Serve

Greenzu offers natural gas services to businesses within California. Our solar electricity territories includes California, Colorado, New Jersey and New York. However, both service territories are expanding quickly! Stay tuned for additional service areas.

What California Utilities do We Service

Greenzu supplies wholesale natural gas to customers who are currently in Southern California Edison (SoCal Gas), San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) service areas.

How Long has Wholesale Natural Gas Been Available & Why?

For than more than two decades the states we service have had deregulated natural gas markets. Deregulation is achieved at the state level. Its purpose is to ensure that there is competitive pricing in the energy supply market. While your local utility is responsible for maintaining the pipes that distribute the gas, read your meter, and bill you, the utility doesn’t have a monopoly on the gas service. You as the customer can choose which supplier you want to use, based on service rates.

Does this Switch My Utility Provider?

No, your local utility will remain the same. Your utility company will continue to deliver natural gas to your business and charge you for it. However, the natural gas will come through the utility’s pipes from a different, cheaper supplier.

Will my Utility Know I have Enrolled with Greenzu?

Yes, Greenzu notifies your utility company when you are approved. Greenzu then becomes your natural gas supplier of record.

Will Service Be Interrupted?

No, you will see no difference in your service other. The only thing you will notice is that your per unit cost for gas will be less. So you will save!

I am Already In Another Program?

If you are receiving direct natural gas it will typically listed on the last pages of your bill. In some cases, you may also be receiving a separate invoice from the supplier.

If I am in Another Gas Program Can I Switch to Greenzu?

If you aren’t under another contract, you can switch immediately. If you are under another contract, enroll with us and we will transition you when it’s allowed.

Do I have to Switch Electricity Providers Too?

No, this is not required. However, if you would like to recognize additional savings, solar electricity would be a great option. Greenzu also offers solar financing, for businesses that want a “no money down” option.

Is There a Minimum Amount That We Have to Purchase?

There is no minimum. However, the more businesses that sign up, the more negotiating power we have to get every customer great savings. So tell your friends to enroll!

How Does Greenzu Get Better Pricing?

Greenzu does group purchasing, leveraging the size of the group to obtain energy in bulk quantities at much lower rates.

How Has Greenzu Performed Against Competitors?

Our discounted natural gas has been lower than utility’s 39 out of the last 43 months. The average savings is up to 15% for PG&E Customers, and up to 5% for SoCal Gas customers.

Are Prices Fixed or Floating?

Greenzu has plans to fit any business. You can choose either option.

Will I have Separate Bills?

Separate billing depends on your current utility provider. PG&E natural gas customers will continue to have one monthly bill. SoCal Gas customers will receive two bills:  one from the SoCal for transport, the second from the supplier for the discounted natural gas.

How will I Know How Much Money and Usage I Save?

We provide an Energy Savings Analysis Report each quarter. This report will contain all the details of your account , including your energy usage statistics and exactly how much you are saving. We also provide monthly updates on regulatory and market issues, including energy, environment, and economics.

What is the length of commitment?

You can select an annual or a month-to-month supply agreement. There is no long term commitment for this program beyond the annual agreement.

Is There A Sign Up Deadline?

You can join our discounted natural gas program at any time!
However, natural gas costs are cyclical. Prices are approaching their lowest point in several years, so you could realize the most savings if you join now.

What Does Greenzu Charge For this Service?

Greenzu charges $0 for larger customers.

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply sign up on our website. Hassle free. Done in minutes.