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Solar PPAs Tailored to Mid-
Sized Commercial Buildings

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Solar Development Requires: Fairness & Efficiency

The real key to Greenzu’s success is the standardized solar installation. A turnkey solar process and plug and play solar design allows us to achieve efficiencies like no one else. This makes solar development easy and profitable for everyone involved.

Step 1: Plug & Play Solar

Instead of trying to put as many solar panels as possible on each roof, Greenzu has created a one-size fits all solar module. A number of benefits flow from building a standardized install:

  • Safe, minimal-penetration solar, easy to move for repairs
  • Faster, easier, installations (just place on the roof, secure, & go)
  • Expediting permitting
  • Expediting interconnection

Step 2: Turnkey Deal with Fair Terms

Most PPA developers lose money paying lawyers to negotiate big contracts. Greenzu’s goal is to standardize the deals to make commercial solar development beneficial. The only way to avoid lawyer fees, is to create a fair contract that owners won’t need to negotiate. Everyone is happy, except the lawyers.

By using standardized deals Greenzu can: