Free Energy Savings Assessment

WE Buy & Maintain The System
YOU Buy Discount Electricity

With a solar PPA your business can cut it’s electricity bill immediately & save for the long term.

We Invest $150,000+ In Your Building, You Save on Electricity Immediately

Businesses go solar for free with Greenzu’s PPA. A solar PPA allows you to buy electricity at 10-20% discount to your utility’s rate and our rate only goes up 3-4% a year, while your utility’s goes up 4-6%.

Lock-in Low Rates with Flexible Buyout Options

A Greenzu PPA gives you 20 years of solar savings. Solar is an attractive feature of a building.  If you sell you building you transfer the solar savings to the new owner or can buyout your system.

100% Maintenance Covered Free

PPAs include free maintenance for 20 years, saving your business over $10,000. Solar maintenance can get costly, requires diligence and is a hassle. All cost that comes up over 20 years is covered.

A PPA Makes Solar “Pencil Out”

With a Greenzu PPA, we pay $150,000+ for your solar system and over thousands in maintenance costs. That means your energy savings are not only immediate but also hassle free.