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How Long is a Greenzu PPA?

Your Greenzu Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) covers 20 years of no-hassle, clean energy production and service, with an option to buy-out Greenzu at any time.

20 Years of No-Hassle Maintenance:

A PPA with Greenzu means a hassle-free solar experience for all 20 years. Greenzu owns the equipment, covers all insurance costs, and is responsible to maintain and repair it as needed.

What if We Sell our Building?

Greenzu knows that a lot can change in 20 years, and so we’ve built in flexible exit strategies into our PPA. If you want to sell the building during the PPA term, you have two options:

2 Options

Transfer To New Owner

Solar is an attractive asset for new buyers – solar can add $20,000 for every $1,000 in energy saved annually to a purchase price! As such, you’re welcome to market your building sale with the solar attached, in which case the Greenzu solar system would be transferred to the new owner.

Buy-out Option: Purchase Price Drops Over Time

If you can’t give up your Greenzu solar system, we invite you to take advantage of our attractive buy-out option. After the first five years, the repurchase price drops 4% every year.

What about Poor Performance?

Greenzu only makes money as long as the system performs well!

As such, we are highly motivated to keep your solar system running at peak performance. That means we:

  • Flat commercial roofs
  • Perform semi annual cleaning
  • Constantly maintain the system
  • Monitor system performance 24/7
  • Choose high quality products that require as little maintenance as possible
  • Keep a close eye on

So you have no need to worry. You only pay for the electricity your system produces – when it doesn’t generate electricity, you don’t pay!