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Redeployable Systems


Solar built to be removed
and redeployed

Plug and play solar[/titlezone]

Redeployable Systems Protect Your Investment

Greenzu’s proprietary design is specifically built to be quickly repossessed and redeployed at another customer site. The result is your micro-utility can keep generating revenue, even if the first customer defaults.

Advantages Of Greenzu’s Design:

Plug & Play:

Greenzu solar systems require minimal roof penetrations, which means quicker removal and redeployment.

One Size Fits All:

Greenzu solar systems come in modular sizes, eliminating custom designs and allowing us to quickly and easily modify one solar configuration for use on a new building.


Our systems meet California building code specifications in multiple jurisdictions, decreasing paperwork and time and making the transfer of a solar system to a new host customer simple and painless

How It ProtectsRemovable solar protects your investment during two highly unlikely events:

  1. Building foreclosure
  2. Customer default

If either happens, we repossess the system and set it up with another customer.