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Referral Process


$1,000 Referral Fee


Greenzu’s quick 3 step process helps you and your client know if our SolarSave PPA is right for you, immediately. We don’t drag you through unnecessary steps.

Rough Site Check:

An address and a utility rate are all it takes for us to give you a quick estimate of whether or not Greenzu can help fund your solar PPA.

Detailed Proposal:

If your project meets our investment criteria, we can write up a more detailed proposal for your proposed site. It would include the size of the system and potential savings.

Owner Sign Up:

Once the building owner signs up with Greenzu, we give you a $1,000 “Thank you!”

Building Criteria

  • Flat roofs under 10 years old
  • Maximum sun exposure — No big trees, tall adjacent buildings or adjacent vacant lots (to prevent from shading)
  • Built up roofs only (no foam or vinyl)
  • No buildings above 4 stories
  • Agreements go through the building owner (not the tenant)
  • No residential (commercial only)

Geographic Reach

Greenzu currently serves California, Colorado, New Jersey and New York. But we are quickly growing. Stay tuned for additional service areas!


Collaboration is the key to implementing quality solar projects. We collaborate with installers based on your location. Quality of expertise and equipment is vetted before an installer is added to our consortium.

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