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Solar photovoltaics (PV) are one of the most reliable forms of renewable energy on the market. Since solar is a proven technology, most solar components come with long warranties to prevent from any solar problems. In general, the solar warranties provided on the solar system are as follows:

Warranties to Prevent Solar Problems

Solar Modules – 25 Years:

Most manufacturers provide at least a 25-year warranty. Long-term tests of polycrystalline have shown that these devices can last longer than 25 years. Crystalline panels are so reliable that at Year 20 this type of solar panel will produce 80% of the energy that it produced in Year 1. That’s a mere 1% degradation per year over the life of the panels.

Inverter – 10 Years:

Typically, solar inverters come with 5-10 year warranties, though extended warranties many can be purchased. While inverters tend to last 10 to 15 years, they will most likely need replacement before the solar panels.

Racking – 10 Years:

Like inverters, the racking or mounting system for a solar system usually comes with a 10-year warranty.

Installer – 10 Years:

It’s important that service installers ensure workmanship, quality and reliability with warranties. In California, a 5-year warranty on roof leaks and a 10-year warranty on power generating solar equipment are required.

Balance of System – 10 Years:

All remaining components, including things like wiring and combiner boxes, typically come with 10-year warranties.

Low Solar Maintenance

Solar systems are incredibly low-maintenance, so the effort required to keep them performing at a high level is very minimal. They typically require:

Annual Cleaning and Check-Up:

Once or twice a year, you need an installer to come inspect your array, tighten bolts and wash off the solar panels.


Most commercial solar systems are equipped with remote monitoring systems that provide reports on the solar electricity production and energy used by the client.

Emergency System Maintenance:

Although very rare, if a solar system experiences a problem due to equipment malfunction or external weather conditions, the monitoring system will notify the solar manager of the problem who then dispatches a repair crew to take care of the solar problem.

Preventing solar problems

Importance of Reliability for Greenzu

Of course, Greenzu PPA clients need not worry about the reliability or warranties of solar equipment used on their building because the maintenance and upkeep of the system is the responsibility of Greenzu! That’s why we use the highest quality, proven products. Our solar systems function at peak performance with as few hassles as possible.

Find out more about the solar equipment Greenzu uses and the quality partners we select for our PPA clients.