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Construction Safeguards


Eliminating Construction Risks


Risk Mitigation Throughout The Project

By scrutinizing every partner involved in every stage of your micro-utility construction – from assessment to design to installation, and throughout the project’s operation – we ensure that the solar system will reliably produce electricity for the full term with as little hassle as possible so that you get the greatest return on your investment.

Project Assessment System Design System Installation System Operation
Interconnected Host Facility and Site Preparation Outstanding Equipment Manufacturers Quality Engineering and Procurement Partners Top Tier Solar Installers Exceptional Preventative Maintenance Partners Excellent Service Partners

Thorough Project Assessment

We begin our process by thoroughly vetting host facility to meet our tough standards. Ideal solar installation conditions:

  • Roofs with southern exposure and no obstructions.
  • Newer roofs under 8 years old with 15 years of usable life left.
  • Structurally-sound roofs free of signs of leaks, ponding, or prior repairs.
  • Durable, proven roof materials.

Solid System Design

Outstanding Equipment Manufacturers

We use only the highest-quality, most reliable solar equipment for our Greenzu PPA installations. This ensures a long-term, high-output solar system for your investment. This is important for our bottom line and yours, so we’re highly motivated to choose equipment with the highest efficiencies, reliability, and rock-solid warranties for our micro-utilities.

Quality Engineering and Procurement Partners

Greenzu is pioneering a plug and play installation, using proven off-the-shelf products. The design allows us to pre-assemble the panels with the mounting system so they can be easily lifted to the roof and quickly attached. McCalmont Engineering has teamed up with Greenzu to develop these designs. Tom and Darlene McCalmont were the founders of ReGrid Solar, one of the top 5 solar installation companies in California until they sold it to RealGoods Solar earlier this year.

Top Tier Solar Installer Partners

Just as Greenzu’s PPA structure drives us to select high quality equipment, we save long-term by investing in a high quality installer as well. California requires that all installers offer a 5-year warranty on roof leaks, and a 10-year warranty on power generating equipment. We select installers that will do the job right, from the start, and be around for 10 years to cover the warranty.

Reliable System Operation

Exceptional Operations Service Partners

We use the solar operations services provided by NergyOS to proactively manage our system. With 24/7 monitoring, NergyOs can send us alarms if performance drops or dispatch maintenance teams if the need arises.

Excellent Preventative Maintenance Partners

Solar lasts 30 years without any major repairs, beyond an inverter replacement, if you properly maintain it along the way. Your micro-utility return calculations include full preventative maintenance and emergency repair costs, for all 20 years. To keep the system at peak performance, Greenzu hires licensed electricians to make annual inspections, certified solar installers to do bi-annual system checkups, and long proven panel cleaners to wash panels twice a year.