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Greenzu’s Criteria for Credit
Worthy Building Owners


The success of a Greenzu micro-utility project is largely due to the suitability of the host facility. Greenzu takes great pride in finding only well-qualified hosts for our solar projects. Due diligence is something we take very seriously – we conduct thorough research and use stringent selection criteria when determining whether a building owner is right for a Greenzu PPA partnerships.

Ensure Host Facilities Meet Standards:

  • Inspect three years of tax returns.
  • Examine financials – upward revenue trends required.
  • Preference to hosts with foundation business contracts (franchise or distributorship agreements).
  • Work with building owners (not tenants).
  • Eliminate key man businesses.
  • Use time of use properties done on flat rate with escalation, not indexed.

Checklist for High-Quality Rooftops

We also seek out host facilities that meet our strict criteria for providing the most low-hassle, efficient conditions for solar electricity production:

  • Good Southern Exposure.
  • No Obstructions: Clear roof with few shade obstructions.
  • Existing Power Infrastructure: We hook up the solar system into the host building’s electrical systems. We determine whether they require upgrades to accommodate solar.
  • Good Roof Structure: Newer roofs made of durable, proven roofing materials under 8 years old (with 15 years of usable life left) that are structurally-sound and free of signs of leaks, ponding, or prior repairs.

Under these conditions, the building should provide an efficient electricity stream, which will ensure stable, attractive cash flows throughout the PPA term.

Selection Matrix for Good Communities

The community in which our Greenzu micro-utilities are installed also impacts the success of the project. Therefore, we do due diligence on the potential host’s neighborhood:

  • We choose only buildings in high-demand real estate areas.
  • We avoid adjacent vacant lots.
  • We seek strong industry references.

Looking at the Worst Case Scenarios

Greenzu uses the above criteria to choose the best host facilities possible. In the event that something goes wrong, we have safeguards in place to protect your investment. By identifying and planning for worst case scenarios through our due diligence measures, we virtually eliminate the risks associated with host facilities, including:


Our credit check identifies hosts that have the potential to have their buildings seized. In the unlikely event that this happens, our redeployment strategy protects your investment.

Host Moves Out:

We only choose building owners and structures in high-demand neighborhoods to significantly minimize the changes of having the building vacant. The redeployability of our systems provides added protection should the building remain vacant for two weeks or more.

Roof Repair Downtime:

By ensuring the soundness of the host facility’s roof structure through a thorough site inspection, we ensure that roof repairs are little to none.