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Solar Process[/titlezone]

At Greenzu, we pride ourselves in making the journey to solar as simple and hassle-free as possible. We follow a simple, step-by-step procedure to evaluate your building’s suitability for solar and design and install a solar system on your building at no cost to you! Here’s how the Greenzu solar process works:

Site Inspection and Analysis:

After filling out our simple application form, a Greenzu representative will contact you to get more information about your building, your energy use patterns, and schedule a site visit. A solar specialist will then visit your property to conduct an evaluation of your building’s suitability for solar, determining access to sunlight, available space, and structural readiness.

Solar System Design:

After approval, a solar specialist will use the information gathered during the site visit to develop a solar system design customized for your building. The solar design will indicate the maximum solar capacity for your building, including how much of your building’s electricity it will be able to offset.

PPA Signed:

Sign up to start the installation phase of the solar process.

System Installation:

Greenzu will schedule an appointment to begin installation of your solar system. This will involve installation of the racking system, mounting the modules, connecting the modules to the solar inverter, and hooking it up to start providing energy for your building.

Utility Connection:

We work with the utility to get your system connected to the grid. Once the lights come on, you start saving money and shrinking your carbon footprint.