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Solar Panel Installation Types


Solar Energy Systems Come In A
Variety Of Installation Types

types of solar panel installations for your business[/titlezone]

The type of racking or mounting equipment impacts how well your solar panels function. When shopping for solar for your business, these are the most common mounting options you’ll find on the market:

Flat Roof Solar Panel Installation

A flat roof installation is the easiest way to go solar on your building. It offers flexibility for orienting and tilting the solar panels for ideal solar collection. This installation type is more common on commercial installations and is perhaps one of the least complicated. These are the three most typical mounting options in flat roof installations:

Ballasted Mount:

Some solar systems use weights (called ballasts) to hold the solar array to the roof instead of bolting it down. Ballasted systems are often preferable because they do not penetrate the roof, but only work for large system in low-wind zones.

types of solar installations ballasted solar mount

Mechanically Attached:

Traditional rooftop systems are mounted to the posts secured in the roof beams. Special roof leak protection is added to each penetration to stop leaks. These attached systems work for any size, and hold tight even in windy areas.

Types of solar installations Types of rooftop solar installations

Hybrid Mount:

Often referred to as a minimally attached system, the hybrid mount uses some structural attachments combined with typical ballasted design. This results in minimal roofing penetrations but a little more security where needed.

Rooftop solar installation types hybrid solar installation

Pitched Roof Solar Panel Installation

Perhaps the most common type of solar panel installation seen in residential solar systems, the pitched roof mounting option means installing panels on non-flat (or angled) roofs. Due to the angle and complexity of solar equipment used to keep solar panels in place on a pitched surface like a residential roof, makes this type of installation the most difficult.

Types of solar installations

Ground Mount Solar Panel Installation:

Some buildings are not well-suited to solar installations because of location, size, or orientation. In these cases, where surface area permits, a ground-mounted system is an option. The installation for these types of systems involves a wedge structure made of steel that anchors the solar panels to a concrete foundation.