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Want Solar Ownership? No Roof Needed

Owning Solar Electricity Without Owning a Roof?

Own Solar Anywhere
If SB 843 were to pass in California, community solar energy projects would be made available. For 75% of Californian renters, solar power is unfeasible because they do not own their own roof. With SB 843, households and businesses will be able to buy renewable energy from a shared facility, allowing them to receive a credit on their utility bill.

Solar energy as a community program

Following in the footsteps of Colorado solar gardens (solar community projects), SB 843 would allow solar to be available to participants within the utility’s service area.

[Environmental Entrepreneur Brandon Keefe] tells Examiner that the solar lease programs already available within the solar industry can be great opportunities if you are a homeowner, have a FICA score over 750, and either a significant upfront cost or sign onto a lease for two decades. He lauds SB 843 as a transformative opportunity, a massive energy grab reminiscent of the opening of the California Gold Rush in which PV Tech blogger Felicity Carus crystallizes how the legislation will actually work by getting this response from [CleanPath’s Tom Price].:

So, rent in San Francisco?” said Price. “No problem, you could subscribe to a solar array in, say, Fremont, and the credit will just show up on your PG&E bill.

Brandon showed the simplicity of the model being proposed in SB 843 in a diagram pictured this article. The system subscriber would make out a monthly check for their electricity, but send that to the community renewable power plant of their choice. This renewable power plant would send usage data to the utility the subscriber is now a customer of, and the utility per law, would credit the subscriber’s electricity bill.

SB 843: the future of solar energy?

With the potential passing of SB 843, renters will be able to participate in an alternative energy source and take the accompanying benefits.

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