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Energy finance is simple.
Buy electricity at a discount, that's it.

Energy financing

Right now, you buy electricity from the utility at 100% of the asking price. With a Greenzu PPA, we sell you the same electricity at 10%-20% off utility prices. You pocket that discount.

How Greenzu’s Energy Finance Pricing Works

When you break it down, there are two key concepts to the Greenzu PPA Price: (1) The Base Discount % used to calculate the first year price, and (2) The Escalation %.

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Base Discount %

This is how much we deduct from your current utility price to set your first year price for Greenzu energy.

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Escalation %

Starting in Year 2, we multiply the prior year’s price by the escalation percentage to come up with the new price for that year

With a Greenzu PPA, your building will first use the electricity generated by the solar panels. If it needs more, it automatically starts drawing from the utility grid. You save money on all the solar kilowatt-hours you use.

Why do all solar PPAs have an escalation rate?

Solar electricity agreements typically include price escalation terms for two main reasons:

1. Offer immediate savings:

Customers want to save money right away, so we set your base discount low and let it slowly escalate over time to maintain your savings.

2. Save Up For Repairs:

We use the escalation rate to save up money for your solar system repairs.

Save More Each Year

Your price for solar electricity starts at 10-20% off your current utility rate, and goes up 2.5%-3.5% a year while utility rates go up 4%-6% a year on average.

Watch Your Savings Grow

Year PG&E Rate Solar Rate You Save 5 Yr Totals
2011 $0.24 $0.20 17% $3,166
2016 $0.30 $0.23 23% $29,190
2021 $0.41 $0.27 34% $47,539
2026 $0.53 $0.31 41% $76,681
2031 $0.70 $0.36 48% $115,692
Total Savings: $269,102

* Example pricing for PG&E customers