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20 Years of No-Hassle
Solar Maintenance.

Solar maintenance

A Greenzu Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) means a hassle-free solar experience, 24/7 for the full length of our 20-year agreement. Greenzu partners with HelioPower for solar service, solar operations and maintenance, and solar asset management.

Free maintenance is one of the most attractive features of a PPA. Solar maintenance can, at times, be very costly and requires a high level of quality to ensure maximum production.

What Maintenance is Included?

The good news is that solar power systems are notoriously low-maintenance. With no moving parts, they typically have little to no mechanical problems. However, they do require regular maintenance to maintain peak electricity generating capacity.

Greenzu Benefits

  • Regular maintenance
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • All emergency repairs
  • Inverter replacements if necessary
  • 24/7 monitoring

100% Free Solar Maintenance Includes:

Regular Inspection and Cleaning

Greenzu will visit your site typically twice a year to inspect the electrical connections, make repairs, and clean the solar panels.

Value: $700 annually

Equipment Replacements

Though maintenance levels are low with a solar system, most require an inverter replacement around the 10-year mark. Greenzu takes on this cost as part of the PPA agreement.

Value: $5,000 to $10,000

24/7 Monitoring:

Using a remote monitoring system, Greenzu will keep a close watch on your solar system to watch its performance and ensure it’s producing as much clean energy for your building as possible.

Value: $400 annually

Emergency System Maintenance:

Though rare, occasionally a solar system will trigger a remote alarm at Greenzu indicating a problem with the solar production. Greenzu will dispatch repair crews quickly to ensure little to no downtime for your renewable energy system.

Value: $400 + Equipment costs