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University Adds Solar Panels

Washington and Lee University Add On Solar Panels

Getting solar in Virginia
Washington and Lee University, in Lexington Virginia, is now the proud owner of a 118 kW solar parking deck. This in addition to another solar install (on another location on the University’s campus) total about 450 kW, making it the largest solar PV system in Virginia. To finance the project, the school used a leasing option.

Solar panels ignite University excitement

Having one of the largest solar PV systems in the state is one gigantic feat for the University. In addition to their efforts, the school is inspired and humbled to be a model for other campuses and institutions.

In addition to the two solar installations, Washington and Lee University has undertaken numerous sustainability initiatives to date across its campus. It also has signed both the Presidents’ Climate Commitment, an initiative of colleges and universities in the US, as well as the international Talloires Declaration to incorporate sustainability in teaching, research and University operations. Commenting on the solar installations, Kenneth P. Ruscio, the university’s President said, “This is an important step for Washington and Lee as part of our continuing emphasis on sustainability. This is another instance of how we are aligning our institutional practices with what we preach to our students about their duties as responsible citizens and their obligations to future generations.

University solar project helps local community

Solar energy developer, Secure Futures LLC, managed the University’s solar project. In their commitment to being a “triple bottom line” organization, Secure Futures partnered with local companies to promote and stimulate the local economy.

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