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Lock-in Energy Price Discounts


The core value of Greenzu’s solar PPA is locking in substantial price discounts to protect against ever increasing utility price inflation.

Inflation Drives Up PPA Savings

Your price for solar electricity starts at 15-20% off your current utility rate, and goes up 2.5% a year while utility rates go up 4-5% a year on average.

The key is that the higher the rate of inflation for future energy prices, the quicker you’ll recoup any investment you may make in a solar energy system.

Predictable Electricity Rates with a Greenzu PPA

Have a solar system installed on your roof through Greenzu’s PPA program and you’ll gain even more protection from rising energy costs because we’ll pay for the equipment and installation for you!

Not only will you receive the entire solar photovoltaic system free of charge, you’ll receive a guaranteed, consistent price for all of the electricity produced by the system over the entire term of the agreement.

Compare To Historic Trends

Below is the savings of a 20kW Greenzu system the inflation rate from 4 different time periods.