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The Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Solar For Commercial Buildings and Non-Profits

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We offer solar installers financing, plus additional online and energy services.

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For Buildings

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Save instantly with solar. No money down financing. Easy turnkey installation. Roof safe!

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For Project Developers & Energy Investors

Energy Investor

Advisory services to energy investors and project developers offering their own PPAs.

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>>>If you are interested in putting solar on your building, visit our parent company, HelioPower

About Greenzu

Greenzu helps businesses go solar. We are unique in that we offer a range of innovative ways to help you pay for it. We also provide a variety of energy project services to our partners in the solar community.

Greenzu works with businesses throughout the U.S.A. and even abroad!  Check out some of our projects in the following areas:

Alameda | | San Jose | | Fremont | | Davis | | Concord | | Walnut Creek | | Fairfield

How Solar Finance Works

Greenzu offers several ways to go solar without paying the hefty upfront cost. We can provide:

  • Greenzu Solar PPA: Greenzu installs solar on your roof. You agree to buy the electricity that is generated from the solar system, at a discounted rate for the next 20 years.
  • Greenzu Solar Lease: You pay a low monthly lease payment, and after 10 years own the system.
  • Solar Crowdfunding: Your community can raise the money to add solar to your building, and Greenzu will help you structure those community funds into a solar PPA.


For Building Owners

Greenzu helps business owners save instantly with solar. We will install your system with no money down financing.Before you go solar, we recommend building owners explore these additional resources:

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For Installers

Greenzu partners with solar installers seeking customer financing. We also provide several helpful online and energy services. Explore the following resources:

For Project Developers & Investors

Greenzu provides energy investment advisory services to investors and project developers seeking to form their own PPA funds.

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