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Concord Publisher Installs Solar on Roof

Concord’s C&T Publishing is Powered by Solar Energy

C&T Publishing installs solar in Concord
C&T Publishing has installed a solar system that generates 29.9KW of solar power. The rooftop solar panels will provide at least 95% of the power that the 12,500 sq. ft. office building consumes.

Choosing A Solar PV System to “Go Green”

“In keeping with C&T’s commitment to the environment and reducing their carbon footprint, the publishing company is proud to be powering their offices with clean energy from the sun. Adding solar panels is just one of the many steps C&T has taken in their on-going effort to go green.”

The CEO, Todd Hensley said, “as a book publisher, with paper a core part of our business, we are concerned about the future of the world’s remaining endangered forests and the environmental impacts of paper production. We want to do everything in our power to reduce carbon emissions and help fight global warming.”

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The facility is now a certified Bay Area Green Business (